Stephen van 't Hof

ETVs 51st Annual

The 138th board of the Electrotechnische Vereeniging - my study association - asked me to design the lay-out for their 51st annual. After some drawings and lay-out concepts I came up with two designs: a light, airy one and a chic one.

The light, airy one is fun, but not childish. Pictures have rounded corners or a Polaroid-like frame. Some content may be placed with a slight rotation. The title-font is sketchy.
The chic one is precisely what it is called: chic. Printing a black background turned out to be hard, but not impossible. The design is taut and fits with the airy lay-out.

Together with co-producers Richard Spijkers and Michiel Jaspers, the 288 pages were filled with content. Thieme Media Services BV printed 600 copies on our order, which are now found on the bookshelves of the association members.

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